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People's habits are changing and so is the way they search for things on the internet.
Gone are the days of basic search and with the increase in mobile use, people are now searching more in the first person and by using their voice.

First Person Voice Search, what do we mean by that?

Up until only a few years ago, in order to show in the search results for a web designer for example, we would have optimised our site for key phrases such as 'web designer in Kent' or 'web developer in Kent', while these phrases are still valid and important, with the advent of voice search this has changed.
People search for their own needs (obviously), and so phrases as above might have been successful a few years back but now by using first person search, site's need to be optimised more for phrases such as 'web designer near me' or 'website design company near me'.
Google announced on 2nd December 2019 that they had put more focus on local search and had updated their search algorithm to improve local search.
Hey Google - "web design company near me"
So for us it's important to use long tail, local phrases, like 'web designer near me' as shown above. By including this key phrase along with our regular target keywords and phrases we're not going to be left in the dark when it comes to showing in the all important search results.
The same applies for your business, or any business for that matter. Everyone does it.

Let's put this into a real life scenario

You have a problem with your shower at home. Chances are you're stood in the bathroom, with your phone.
You have a few options:
  • Call a plumber you know
  • Search by typing
  • Search by your voice
If you're hands are wet from the shower, chances are you'll use your voice to search.
But what would you search? Now I'm not a mind reader, but I'm guessing it will be something along the lines of....
"I need a plumber near me", "plumbers near me" or "emergency plumbers near me"
All of these phrases include one very important factor, they include the words "near me".
In this scenario we can see how important it is to include these long tail phrases in your SEO strategy, otherwise you might miss out on those important leads.

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