Has Your Joomla Website Been Hacked?

Joomla is one of the most-widely used Content Management Systems in use on the web today. With it's rise in popularity it has become a target for website hackers. As Joomla experts, we use our Joomla knowledge and expertise to scan your Joomla website for any malware and viruses. We then use our very own Joomla Malware Removal Tool and perform Joomla Virus Removal. This is a completely bespoke service.

We can clean, fix and secure your hacked Joomla website today!

Here at Storm Web Design, we are an experienced and expert web design agency, and one of our many specialisms is the rescue of hacked Joomla websites. Boasting a team of professionals who know how to investigate, clean, fix, and protect your hacked site from re-infection, we offer an invaluable service to all types of online businesses.

This is especially important considering the current internet environment, which has seen a continual rise in the popularity of Joomla in recent years, and a concurrent targeting of the software by opportunist hackers. Making it our mission to repair Joomla websites, we are committed to resolving your issues and ensuring that you are left with a secure Joomla site.

Those particularly at risk of having such content hacked are businesses that utilise shared hosting server plans – which is a vast majority of the enterprises that have an online presence. Unfortunately, this hosting is cheap for a reason, and the issues that such websites suffer can often spread to others on the same server.

rescue your hacked joomla website website from storm web design

This is where we come in. Experienced and able to restore and protect hacked content, as well as perform Joomla malware removal, we know just how to help you, and with a simple call to us, you can see that your problems are fixed for good, ensuring you have a secure Joomla website.

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Quick, efficient repair

Joomla Malware Removal

When clients come to us, our priority is to clean their hacked Joomla website and have it back in action ASAP, which is why we have pre-set procedures in place to ensure maximum efficiency. Removing infected files, we will scan and replace these with fresh ones so that you can get back to business in no time at all.

Preventative measures

Joomla Virus Scanner

We believe that it’s no good fixing your hacked Joomla website if we leave it vulnerable to reinfection, and that’s why we’ll also work to prevent future issues by putting protective measures in place, and ensuring that no backdoors are left open to easy re-entry by hackers.

Manual techniques

Fix Hacked Joomla Website

Fixing a Joomla website that has been hacked is an intensive process. We know that no one piece of software, automated Joomla malware removal tool or single plug-in can be trusted to remove infection and protect your content. That’s why we’ll perform a full manual check to get your hacked Joomla website working again.

Great support and super speedy turnaround of a hacked Joomla! Site, keep up the good work guys!

Leon C

We can clean your Hacked Joomla Website!

Our Joomla Virus Removal service includes:

Full website scan for malicious code

Full scan of your hacked Joomla website, to locate and identify viruses, infected files, malicious code, malware, and vulnerability to exploits.

Our Joomla Malware Removal Tool

We will remove any malware that was detected during the website scan and report to you what was done.

Removal of Malicious Code

In some cases, a hacker will inject malicious code to hack your site and take control of it. We will find and remove any malicious code.

Removal from Email Blacklist

If your hacked website has been added to email blacklists due to hackers using your email addresses to spam, we will de-list your domain.

Removal from Google Blacklist

If Google detects malware or suspicious code it will add your hacked Joomla website to a blacklist, preventing users from visiting your site. It takes a few days but we know how to remove your site from Google's list.

Our Joomla security retainer service includes:

Complete Website Backups

We can back-up your website on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to external storage so that if your site is completely down we always have back-up stored.

Install and configure security extensions

We will install the best Joomla security extensions and configure them to help prevent future exploits and hacks.

Continuous real time monitoring

Our monitors will tell us in real time when your site is down. A great feature that prevents wasting time.

Site reputation fix

As a result of a hack or malware, your site may get a bad reputation on Google and even be prevented from sending emails to other domains. We've got the necessary tools to fix your site's reputation.

Regular Joomla security update checks

Most hacks and exploits are available due to outdated Joomla versions or any of the extensions installed. We will monitor your Joomla website and make sure it’s always up to date.

For help rescuing your hacked Joomla website, get in touch with our team today. We'll be happy to answer any questions or queries you might have, and should be able to provide you with a speedy and successful resolution to your problems.