Hikashop eCommerce Design & Development

Here at Storm Web Design, we are committed to meeting your every ecommerce need, and one of our specialities is the utilisation of Hikashop for those clients who rely on Joomla websites.

Built for simplicity and flexibility, HikaShop is an ecommerce solution with a difference. Designed specifically to cater to Joomla platforms, it ensures that users to your site are able to efficiently and effectively purchase products to provide a shopping experience par excellence.

Its fantastic features are not solely intended to benefit those who visit your website, but also those who manage it, with plenty of built-in marketing tools present to help you increase your sales and grow your turnover and profits.

With our help to use it, Hikashop certainly has lots to offer you. Facilitating international expansion, it can handle languages, currencies, and complex taxation systems to allow you to sell anywhere in the world, making global success a whole lot more accessible.

What’s more, it uses a really clever layout, one which is optimised for all devices, from laptops to tablets to smartphones. This means that visitors can shop wherever and however they wish to, with your site always able to offer them a warm welcome and optimal usability.

It even has marketing covered, with coupons, discounts, and email marketing integration to help you increase your sales and secure your success.

Configurable and fully integrated with advanced customisation options, Hikashop offers a user-friendly tool for those working with the Joomla platform, to help bolster their business and better their offerings, and at Storm Web Design, we can enable you to make the most of it.

Able to assist companies in Kent, London and across the UK, our expert team of web designers and developers are friendly and experienced, and will ensure absolute professionalism at all times. Why not get in touch with us today to find out more?