Wordpress Web Design and Development Experts

Whenever we work with clients to build a bespoke web site with CMS functionality, WordPress is the first choice clients have in mind. This is unsurprising due to its overwhelming popularity all over the globe.

Our Kent based team of highly experienced WordPress developers are fully adept at constructing beautiful WordPress websites, which are completely personal and unique to your needs. If you’re deciding how you would like your web site built, here’s why WordPress is a great choice.

Why WordPress?

More than 80 million websites are built using the WordPress framework, making WordPress one of the most popular CMS choices in the world. Here’s a brief explanation as to why Wordpress could work for your business website:

wordpress development in kent providing a Community to wordpress


As WordPress is used by so many people, there are countless plugins available which can help you quickly build on what your site has to offer.

wordpress development in kent providing Ability to scale to wordpress

Ability to scale

As your company grows, so will your traffic, and WordPress is built with scale in mind.

wordpress development in kent providing Ease of use to wordpress

Ease of use

Once constructed, adding entries to a WordPress CMS is incredibly straightforward.

wordpress development in kent providing Multiple access to wordpress

Multiple access

WordPress websites can be accessed and managed from multiple locations, each of which can be securely locked down to ward off intruders.

wordpress development in kent providing Flexibility to wordpress


Whether you're starting Blogger Outreach Marketing or advertising a Fortune 500 company, WordPress can be configured to suit any business needs.

Whatever the needs of your business, with WordPress as a platform, we will be able to design and develop you a bespoke web site to suit all of your desires.

Why Storm Web Design in Kent is right for your Wordpress website

We believe firmly that beautifully designed WordPress websites and their content management systems should be built with a solid framework from the ground up. That’s why we take care on every single project to ensure that the site architecture is technically sound, and that the CMS can grow with the needs of your business and cope with a very large amount of content entries.

This in-depth technical knowledge of WordPress means that, not only are we great at designing bespoke, brand new sites, we are also adept at spotting issues as they arise. Few WordPress designers in Kent have the same level of experience that would enable them to properly pinpoint and repair technical CMS flaws and deal with them as quickly and as affordably as we can. For that reason, we offer a Wordpress consultancy service to help you develop and repair your existing web site.

This is particularly important if you are about to launch large amounts of new content or are expecting much heavier volumes of traffic. As we are based in Kent, we offer WordPress development services across London, the south east, and even further afield.

To discuss an existing Wordpress website you have, or to look into building a new one, get in contact today.