UK Joomla Experts, Consultants and Specialists

Here at Storm Web Design, our team of UK based Joomla developers have over 12 years worth of experience developing Joomla websites and working with numerous clients to create bespoke Joomla website solutions.

You could call us Joomla Consultants, Joomla Experts, Joomla Specialists (or call us what you want!), either way we love working with Joomla!

What makes Joomla and it's services so special?

Joomla has now been used in websites for over 12 years, and in that time has risen to be one of the most popular content management systems around. This was no coincidence, as Joomla has been developed to contain some impressive features that very few other CMS can rival:

Joomla user experience from storm web design

User friendliness

Once built, you can rely on Joomla to consistently replicate content into the same template version as before.

your website is safe and secure with joomla content management system from storm web design


It is expected that a number of different authors will need to access the CMS and upload from their own locations. Joomla allows good quality safety protocol to be built-in which only allows verified members to access the system.

Joomla websites are fully flexible from storm web design


Not only are Joomla templates fully flexible from the start, but as the needs of your site changes, as with us to provide regular support, you can update your CMS design in accordance.

Joomla websites are easy to understand and work with from storm web design

Easy to understand

Uploading content to a Joomla CMS is very straightforward, and no technical skill is needed when adding fresh information. We're always available to provide support, if necessary.

Joomla websites are fully versatile for your website needs from storm web design


No two CMS are the same, and Joomla is versatile enough to be fully customisable and to contain a high number of languages, making it popular all over the world.

Joomla websites are fully robust for your website needs from storm web design


Joomla CMS is used in some of the world’s largest and most popular sites, meaning it is well adept at coping with the demands of many thousands of entries.

Why hire a Joomla Expert?

Adding new entries to Joomla CMS is very straightforward, but creating a bespoke system that is robust and sturdy takes a deep understanding of how web sites and more importantly how Joomla works.

Here at Storm Web Design, our Kent based team of UK Joomla experts have many years worth of experience developing and programming Joomla websites. Working with numerous clients to create bespoke Joomla website solutions. As Joomla consultants we understand exactly what works and what doesn’t, so know how to combine stunning finished design with reliable Joomla content management systems.

Kent, UK based Joomla! consultants you can trust

We listen closely to every client to understand their exact needs and create a unique Joomla CMS that fits those needs perfectly. Another large part of what we do is working with clients who are having difficulties with their existing Joomla system. With such cases, we are able to get to the root of the problem as quickly as possible, and get the site back up and running. We also make additions which improve upon the durability of the site and thus avoid future technical difficulties.

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We provide Joomla consultancy and Joomla support services to companies throughout Kent, London and across the UK, so to discuss your Joomla project, get in contact today.