App Development - Ageless Thanet

Ageless Thanet, a project by Social Enterprise Kent, is an Age-Friendly Business scheme helping to promote businesses across Thanet that are working hard for Thanet’s older people.

ageless thanet app screenshot on android

By working with businesses and helping them become more age-friendly, Ageless Thanet are making Thanet an even better place to grow older.

To raise awareness of the brand, we developed an iOS and Android app for Ageless Thanet. The app serves two purposes. Firstyl, allowing business to test if they are running an age friendly business, through a series of questions. If successful, the business can then apply to take part in the scheme. The second purpose of the app is to allow older people to find age-friendly businesses, local to them, using their device GPS connection and Google Maps.

Who are Ageless Thanet?

Ageless Thanet is led by Social Enterprise Kent, and funded by the the Big Lottery Fund’s ‘Fulfilling Lives: Ageing Better’ programme. The project runs until Summer 2020.

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iphone with hand showing ageless thanet app in use