Why use social media for your business?

social media marketing by storm web design

In today's modern society, social media has the power the make or break your business. Get one bad review and that could be it.

But let's not dwell on the negative, social media marketing must be on your digital marketing plan. One thing to remember though is that with all of the social media platforms, you need to add different content to each platform, and in turn to each separate audience. Why repeat the same thing? With so many platforms available; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ each of these have a different user and audience. You might not want to talk about your business on Instagram but you would on LinkedIn. You might not want to share images from your lunch on LinkedIn but you may (not quite sure why) on Instagram... I'm sure your lunch is delicious but not sure everyone will want to see it. Anyway, hopefully you get the picture.

In essence, treat each platform as a different audience and share what you think your audience would be interested in finding out about, not what you think you want them to find out about.

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