Out with the old, in with the new

storm web design new website launched

We love new shiny things, that's why we're very pleased with our new website.

We took a look at how our site was put together originally and built it again from the ground up. Completely new content, new imagery and graphics. The only thing that has remained is our phone number and branding.

Why build a new website?

Our previous site was 2 years old, and that's a long time our industry. So much technology has changed in that time and we wanted to ensure that our company website was using the latest technology. We specialise in running the latest technology on our client's websites, so we thought we should catch up on our own!

What's the site running?

We've got lots of magical elements running behind the scenes, but needless to say, the site is running Joomla on one of our specialist Joomla hosting platforms. The server is running PHP7 and on a secured platform (SSL), meaning it's blisteringly fast and secure!

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