Google page speed in mobile search ranking

Google today have announced that the speed of the page loading is now a ranking factor for mobile searches.

Page speed as a factor for search ranking has been the case for desktop searches for quite a while, but as the focus of the web moves more and more to mobile first, this is an important factor when designing and developing websites. Google announced Mobile-first Indexing recently.

Performance has always been a factor when we develop websites, and it's especially important when it comes to mobile websites. Not only since Google have announced it, but nobody wants to wait ages for a website to load on their mobile device. They might be about to lose signal, on a train or a tube, they might not have much left of their data plan, they might only have a few minutes to spare. These are all important to think about.

Now that Google have announced that page speed is a factor in mobile ranking, are you confident that your website is working correctly and will pass the mobile first test?